Sunday, 2 November 2014

I'm a Brain surgeon

Hi guys and gals. Today for our new discovery activity we got to choose between Maths or The Brain, I chose the brain. In our second session we had to write down all the parts of the brain and their functions. Here are two fun facts. You actually see everything upside down but the occiptal lobe flips them the right side up. The right half of your brain controls the left side  of your body and vice versa. 

Also today is Katie's last day at Enrich@ILT so we have a new teacher called Ginny.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Its a goal!!

And its a goallll!!!!! Hi guys and by a goal I mean a learning goal and for this term my goals are to get my passion project done and not to get distracted.   P.S Our website has been deleted so we had to put our info on a keynote.

Thats all folks.  Kyle

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Under Pressure

Hi guys the pressure is really on at Enrich@ILT. 
Everyone's rushing to get their discovery finished because we are presenting them next week ARRGHH. 
Good thing I only have a little bit to do, which is my Immigration stuff. Then all I have to do is practice, practice, practice.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

The GarageBand

A 1, a 2, a 1,2,3,4. Hi guys. Today I joined a band, the GarageBand. Well  I didn't join an actual band. I joined the GarageBand app. It is an app were you can make your own songs and movie trailers. Over the past three weeks I have made one song and a movie trailer audio for the movie "Up". I have one more session left and I can't wait to see what Paul has in store for us.

Blog you later. Kyle.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Concentric circles of doom

Your probably wondering what concentric circles are! Well they are a very time consuming piece of art that looks easy but are hard, really hard. Concentric circles were invented by Kandinsky a Russian artist who used music to get colours for his art.  We had a go at making them, we got four squares finished: Here are a few that are a bit better than mine. Ok a lot better. Bye

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Art and passion time

Hello all! Today I started colouring in my Piassco portrait of Thomas. Thomas started colouring mine two but he got a little to spot happy so now I look like a rainbow with the chicken poxs. I'm sorry if anyone has been trying to get on to the website and its says "website has been terminated".  At the moment it is working so you can go on it. The website usually stops working four days after I login. So you have four days from now.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

I'm an Artist

Hello hello everyone.  Today on sale is a Picasso style Portrait of his friend Thomas by Kyle. Lets start the biding at say ten thousand dollars.

 Hey guys. Wow I really wish that my picture was actually worth that, but sadly at the most it would only be worth $5. The style of Picasso we did was a portrait of a person's face. But you actually draw half his face facing front on then the other half side on.

 Once you've done that you can draw the eyebrows, lips and eyes. Next you make a figure eight across the picture and a rectangle in the middle. Then you go over all the lines in vivid and rub out all the pencil lines. Lastly you colour it in. Here's mine without colour.

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